5 High-Tech Travel Essentials


By Kirsti Correa

The combination of travel and technology is a match made in heaven for modern jetsetters. As more people desire to remain connected to their devices, technological advancements are making it easier to do so. For instance, luggage companies are adjusting their gear to provide on-the-go travelers with added amenities. In November, Andiamo Luggage will begin shipping its recently unveiled iQ suitcase, which boasts a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, digital scale and anti-theft alerts. It syncs with a mobile app to lock and unlock the case remotely; the app also displays helpful information like flight status and the weather at your planned destination.

Newcomers are also bursting on the scene, offering products with revolutionary features that make travel simpler. Southern California-based luggage company ecbc created a backpack that has slots to store multiple devices and their respective chargers or accessories, plus a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint-friendly FastPass System. It allows the electronics compartment to be unzipped so travelers can go through security without unpacking their laptops.

Also take the inventive Bluesmart carry-on by a Silicon Valley-based startup into consideration: In addition to two USB chargers and a Bluetooth-enabled digital lock, the suitcase is powered by 3G-connectivity and works with iOS and Android platforms to alert users of its location using GPS.

Whichever convenience you may need for your next trip, there’s sure to be a tech-related solution as this trend progresses—just don’t forget to unplug once you’ve arrived.


Get the Gear

For a worry-free travel experience, opt for the following luggage and accessories 
equipped with convenient amenities.

LugLoc Device

LUGLOC’s luggage locator works with an app on your smartphone to alert you of its location, $69.99 for the device and $29.99 for unlimited traces, at lugloc.com.


iQ by Andiamo Front

In addition to built-in features like a Wi-Fi hotspot, scale and anti-theft alerts, IQ by Andiamo Luggage syncs with a mobile app to provide users with flight information, $599, at andiamoluggage.com.



Powered by 3G-connectivity, the BLUESMART carry-on has two USB chargers, a remote lock and built-in scale, $450, at bluesmart.com.


EC-BC Lance

Designed to carry multiple electronic devices, the LANCE EXECUTIVE DAYPACK is equipped with a portable battery to charge gadgets and a Transportation Security Administration-friendly FastPass System, $149.99, at ec-bc.com.


trunkster family

TRUNKSTER replaces zippers with a sliding door to access the inside compartment. The GPS-enabled luggage also includes a digital scale and USB charger. It’s available as a 22-inch carry-on and 27-inch suitcase, both available for pre-order at trunkster.co.