4 Recommendations for a Girls’ Getaway in Los Angeles



Joyce Louie, chef concierge at Montage Beverly Hills, has the inside scoop on creating an unforgettable girls-only weekend in the City of Angels.



Roku is located in West Hollywood. (Photo by Wonho Frank Lee)

Sushi and Karaoke

“One of the best dining spots for a girls’ getaway is the red-hot Roku restaurant in West Hollywood. It’s modern Japanese cuisine with a trendy vibe and fun drinks, including Japanese whiskey-based cocktails. I’d recommend booking dinner at their upscale teppanyaki room, favored by celebrities. Then after dinner … head over next door to Blind Dragon and book one of their karaoke suites for a night of groovy sing-alongs.” 


Studying Hollywood

“… There are many iconic landmarks to explore during a visit to Los Angeles, but one I would recommend for a group of girls on vacation is The Hollywood Museum. Their extensive collection of authentic Hollywood memorabilia is breathtaking. … The building was originally purchased by legendary makeup artist to the stars, Max Factor, back in 1928. Inside The Hollywood Museum, one gets to explore his world famous makeup studios, which have been restored …” 



Warwick has a cocktail lounge and mixology program. (Photo by Rob Stark)


Marvelous Mixology

Warwick on Sunset Boulevard is one of the best cocktail lounges and clubs for a girl’s night out. [It has a] great mixology program and lavish ambiance. It’s one of our favorite clubs in Hollywood to send our guests.” 


Relax and Unwind

“For a group of girls that wanted to unwind after a night of partying, book the oriental massage treatment at Tomoko Spa in Beverly Hills. Tomoko Spa [is] a luxurious Zen paradise located on … Beverly Drive. Book a private suite that comes with private shower. Your massage starts off with a soothing warm foot soak followed by a deep, strong massage with acupressure and stretching techniques. … The service is so attentive and the space is so relaxing, you don’t want to leave.”