11 Great Activewear Shops Around Los Angeles


Stroll along any popular boulevard in Los Angeles—like Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard or Santa Monica Boulevard—and you won’t find too many Angelenos dressed in their 9 to 5 or weekend best. Rather, you’ll notice denizens of LA going about their everyday lives in their workout best. The health-conscious city is at the heart of the ubiquitous athleisure trend, which takes the form of casual, gym-inspired clothing intended just as much for exercising as it is for strolling around town. From trendy boutiques to larger retailers, you can find shelves filled with designer, high-end athletic apparel in shops throughout LA.



Yogasmoga is known for its innovative athletic wear. (Courtesy of Yogasmoga)


As Emily Gallagher, communications manager at Yogasmoga, puts it: “Consumers are looking for fashionable and functional apparel to wear for their on-the-go lifestyles … .” If you are looking to add some sophisticated athletic wear to your wardrobe, check out brands like Splits59, Alala, Nesh and Ultracor. LA-based labels such as Beyond Yoga and LVR Fashion will also help you look effortlessly stylish while sporting eco-friendly looks made in the U.S. So run, jog, walk, sprint or skip to the nearest athleisure retailer, which, in LA, is probably only a block or two away.


1. ALO Yoga

At the Beverly Hills Flagship store, visitors to ALO Yoga can shop for yoga clothes and enjoy healthy refreshments at the in-store cafe. This LA-based company provides modern yoga wear in vibrant textiles and flattering performance fabrics. 


2. Yogasmoga

At Yogasmoga in Malibu, men and women can find innovative and functionally elegant athletic wear. All of the company’s clothes are manufactured in the U.S. and intended for wear in the gym, the yoga studio or even for a casual outing. 



Speir Pilates boasts several Carbon38 spandex styles. (Photo by Eric Kaufman)


3. Speir Pilates

Best-known for founder Andrea Speir’s fresh take on traditional Pilates, at Speir Pilates in Santa Monica, clients can enjoy an intense mix of Pilates and cardio after they peruse the carefully selected items at the studio’s boutique. Here, customers will find the most concentrated selection of Carbon38 spandex styles in the LA area. 


4. Frontrunners

Frontrunners in West Hollywood provides the latest styles from top athletic brands including LA-based Sol Angeles and Cotton Citizen. Customers can receive a thorough analysis of their feet, balance and skeletal alignment, ensuring the best shoe fit for their athletic pursuits. 


5. Sweat NSK

Customers can find a variety of fashion-forward accessories and apparel for their active lifestyles at Sweat NSK in Brentwood. The store carries carefully curated brands including Splits59, Koral Activewear and Onzie. Shop for Pilates socks, headbands or a gym kit among other chic items.



Sweat NSK offers cool brands like Koral Activewear and Onzie. (Photo by Zhejia Dai)


6. The Shop at Equinox

The Shop at Equinox in Westwood has the season’s best active gear and high-performance gadgets for runners, cyclists, yogis and every athlete in between. Stocked with a wide variety of brands, such as Spiritual Gangster, you can find anything from a hat to a swimsuit, yoga leggings, a jump rope and more. 


More to Shop

7. Athleta (189 The Grove Drive; 323-937-0329; athleta.net)

8. Sweaty Betty (1308 Montana Ave.; 310-752-4634; sweatybetty.com)

9. A Runner’s Circle (745 N. La Brea Ave.; 323-857-1832; arunnerscircle.com)

10. Lululemon  (105 S. Robertson Blvd.; 310-550-6239; lululemon.com)

11. Maitri Yoga Store (11160 Washington Blvd., Culver City; 310-730-6168; maitriyogastore.com)


– Liz Morton