The Big Chill


A pleasant-tasting bottle of wine begins with the perfect storage temperature.- By Ashley Breeding


Oenophiles know that an imperative preparatory measure for achieving a palatable glass—or few glasses—of wine is proper storage. Environmental or temperature variations can alter your precious varietals, causing flavor to be lost with temperatures that are too cold, or conversely, accelerating the wine’s aging process with excessive heat. In other words, arriving at the perfect sip means finding the temperature that is just right (Champagnes are best kept at 45 F, whites between 58 and 62 F, and reds between 62 and 65 F).

A wine cellar ensures an ideal environment, says the CEO of Vinotemp International, India Hynes, but a more compact cooler or fridge is a fabulous alternative for those who either don’t have the space for an expansive cellar or prefer to keep their wine collection small.

“Our latest units even have features like biometric fingerprint technology, humidity control and a call feature that sends wireless alerts directly to your iPad or phone if the temperature climbs too high or falls too low,” Hynes says. For highly valuable collections, she explains, this serves as a safeguard in the instance of a power outage.

Whether you’re looking for a custom design that will blend in with your home’s décor, or a pre-built device, these wine experts have many options from which to choose.

Gone are the days of wasted wine. With the EuroCave SoWine home wine bar by Brookstone, you can keep your bottle perfectly chilled for up to 10 days after opening. Featuring two separate compartments with vacuum technology, the EuroCave allows you to keep reds and whites at different temperatures—and the sleek, compact design fits perfectly on your countertop. ($399.95, at brookstone.com)

Brookstone’s Avalon Tresanti wine cabinet with a built-in wine refrigerator melds function with style, keeping your wines at the perfect temperature sans “the clinical feeling.” The cabinet features dual zone thermoelectric wine coolers, a double door glide for easy access and lock for safeguarding, and a full-extension drawer for accessories. ($789.99, at brookstone.com)

Store up to 108 bottles of reds and whites with the Summit SWC1875, featuring two distinct temperature zones with digital thermostats, 14 slide-out wooden shelves, recessed LED lighting for an elegant display of your collection and a security lock. The slim 24-inch chrome and stainless steel structure can be built in or used freestanding. (Prices vary, at ferguson.com and homedepot.com)



Cuisinart’s freestanding electric wine cellars come in a variety of sizes, accommodating between eight and 32 standard 750 milliliter bottles. All feature chromed-steel racks, advanced thermoelectric cooling technology and an electronic thermostat that allows manual adjustment between 39 F and 68 F, minimal noise vibration, an interior light and double-paned glass to protect wines from sunlight. ($159.95 to $349.95, at williams-sonoma.com)

Wine connoisseurs who love to travel (with their favorite vintage) will find much use for the VinniBag Inflatable Travel Bag, which surrounds your beloved bottle with a high-tech air cushion to protect against impact and leakage as well as to withstand fluctuations in temperature. ($29.99, at brookstone.com)