The Suite Life


Guests staying in suites at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort can relax with legendary butler service and private cabanas.

By Madison von Sonder


Most people can agree that vacations don’t come often enough, and when they do, the devil is in the details. Expectations need to be fulfilled on several levels to satisfy everyone, from couples and families to multi-generational gatherings alike. While some travelers bring miniature candles for a Zen-like escape, others pack framed photos to create a cozy living-room atmosphere—all to encourage a home-away- from-home feeling that stimulates relaxation.

With total and complete relaxation in mind, The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort created an oasis that offers five types of suites in its collection of 62 luxurious ocean-view flats, each a spacious sanctuary in its own right. Guests can choose from an array of accommodations to unwind and indulge, including the two- bedroom, 2,000-square-foot Royal Ocean Suite with its spacious living and dining areas, three oversized glass-enclosed balconies and floor- to-ceiling windows, or the 1,100-square-foot one-bedroom Deluxe Oceanfront Suite on the resort’s upper floors.

In addition, Presidential Cabanas, Royal Cabanas and seamless butler service are available throughout a guest’s stay to take the vacation experience to new heights.

“Letting guests enjoy our experiences is the biggest service we can offer,” General Manager Marco Selva says. “The butlers provide the most elusive luxury in life … the luxury of time.”


Bespoke Suite Service

While staying at one of The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort suites, guests will make the delightful discovery that butler service is included in every reservation. A St. Regis butler does everything from delivering morning coffee or tea—an opportunity to enjoy the suite’s private ocean-facing balconies—to providing “signature services” throughout the stay.

Upon arrival, luggage is not only unpacked and hung in the closet, but is organized by style and color: A yellow dress shirt and yellow T-shirt say hello from opposite ends of the closet where they gather with their respective style siblings, while tennis shoes and dress shoes also convene in close proximity, but rarely touch.

If a guest wishes, the butler is at the door every morning at the pre-arranged time to present— never merely deliver—coffee or tea. At the same time, he or she will gather a pair of shoes to be shined or have a favorite dress steamed in preparation for a night on the town. A team of 15 butlers are on-call around the clock, each serving as a personal resort liaison to assist with any request, no matter the hour.

“While we are trained in English butler style and are adept at fulfilling every request, like The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort itself, we embody the modern interpretation of traditional butler service,” says Said Haykal, director of butler services at the resort.

One whimsical example includes butlers drawing a heart in the sand with a honeymoon couple’s name, capturing the image and placing it, along with the wedding photo, on the nightstand upon their arrival. Even more heartwarming is the story of the “traveling penguins”: After discovering their child left her beloved stuffed penguins behind, the parents called the hotel to have them returned home. The butler returned them with aplomb— he took the penguins on a “vacation” of sorts, capturing photos of them poolside, at J&G Grill, in the Remède Spa, relaxing in Royal Cabanas and throughout the resort, made a photo book, then shipped the penguins home with a note that said they had a merry time on their extended stay.

Outdoor Oasis

While it’s tempting to remain ensconced in a lavish suite—holding private court on the balcony or enjoying electronic touch pads that allow guests to change the music to fit every mood— the gravitational pull to play poolside or on Bal Harbour’s golden, sandy beach will eventually lead individuals outdoors to soak up some vitamin D in a picturesque setting. Here, the seating areas around the resort’s main pool are artfully laid out and extend to tiers of Royal Cabanas that, at first glance, allude to a romantic “Arabian Nights.” Marble enclaves with flowing curtains give couples and families their own oasis in this beautiful seaside setting.

Soothing, cascading water runs beside every cabana into a bed of river rocks below, while swaying palm trees and greenery create a lush environment that’s perfectly situated between pool and beach. Each of the Royal Cabanas comes with a butler to serve fresh fruit, bottled water, soft drinks and refreshing amenities throughout the day. On most days, a spa therapist roams the pool area, offering complimentary foot massages to release the tension created by impossibly high heels or sturdy dress shoes.

For those seeking the ultimate escape in the form of an air-conditioned “day villa” and private terrace, The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort offers nine oceanfront Presidential Cabanas, each perched on its own promenade below the resort’s Tranquility Pool. Equally ideal for seclusion or entertaining (or wedding proposals, of which there have been quite a few), these 600-square-foot elegant cabanas carry forward Yabu Pushelberg’s resort design in a most seductive way, with antique mirrors, two types of marble, a wet bar, large shower, outdoor teak dining table, flat-screen TV and movies on demand—just in case you want to tear yourself away from the beauty of the outdoors. Butlers dedicated to the Presidential Cabanas serve Veuve Clicquot upon arrival, fresh fruit, Fiji water, mojitos and Hampton sun lotions, as well as fulfill any other request.

Whatever type of vacation guests at The St. Regis Bal Harbour envision—indoors or out—the resort’s butlers cater to every need. Because after all … guests of the St. Regis deserve the suite life.